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How to tell if a Street Light is solar powered

Have you ever noticed the difference between a wired and a solar street light? Perhaps you weren’t aware of the use of solar street lights in your community, and you wouldn’t be alone! In Carmiel, Israel, we are making changes with the introduction of solar street lights throughout the community. The light produced by these advanced street light solutions is as good, if not better, than the light we get from the average wired street light. The difference? Our solar powered lights include small, efficient solar panels and storage batteries that collect, store, and use sunlight to produce electricity. These incredible lights don’t require grid connection, which means no damaging and time-consuming trenches, not wiring and potential for dangerous, exposed wires, and very limited long-term maintenance compared to the traditional counterpart. Next time you see a street light, look for the distinguishing solar panels at the top of the light. You may be surprised at how many you see!


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