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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are continuing to provide the world with clean, efficient energy and are a great way to reduce energy bills over a long period of time. If you are considering adding solar panels to your home or business in Carmiel, Israel, we offer a variety of solutions. Solar panels are comprised of photovoltaic cells, which, when combined, form a single panel. These panels absorb the sun’s light and convert it into electricity. By using opposite electric charges on either side of the cells, photons from sunlight impact the electrons in the cells, working to create usable electricity for your home. Ideally, solar panels will have exposure to sunlight for approximately five hours each day, producing the required electricity for your family home. With new technology continually emerging, panels have become more lightweight, durable, and efficient. These easy-to-install solutions ensure that you are reducing your electricity bill and providing your house with clean energy.


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