Solar Panel Mount

What is a Solar Panel Mount?

Our solar panel mount, or solar racking system, is the foundation we use for mounting our solar panels to your roof, the ground, or other surfaces on your property or at your facility. A solar panel mount ensures that the solar panels are secure and angled in such a way that they will receive the most direct sunlight available on your property. Mounts come in all shapes and sizes depending on the solar panel system you wish to use, how many panels you need, and where you wish to mount them. Solar kits come equipped with mounts to help with easy installation (typically on your roof). For buildings that will not accommodate solar panels, we use mounts that are firmly placed in the ground in an open space, often a part of your property that is unused and receives plenty of sunlight. Every mount is different and our team is here to ensure that you get the correct solar panel mount for your system.


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